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Screenshot tool for


front-end engineers

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those, who care about pixels

Download Shotr for Mac, v1.3

Shotr Beta

A native version written in Swfit, now with the annotation capabilities! It works faster, app size is 110+ times smaller, and it takes less RAM too. Oh, and now it supports Dark mode.
Download Beta For MacOS 10.15 and up

Explore every pixel

Think of it as your digital magnifying glass. If you need to have a closer look at something, take a screenshot and zoom in.

Copy colors

The simplest way to grab that color: take a screenshot, zoom in, move your mouse over the pixel and press the TAB key.

Measure sizes and distances

Shotr doubles as a screen ruler. Use arrow keys to get distance between objects. Need more control and precision? Select an area and check selection size.

Save to the default folder

Unclutter the desktop. Have a place to store your archive of screenshots, so they don’t get in your way all the time.

Tips and Tricks

Quick zoom on the selection

Press cmd + 2 to quickly zoom on the selected region.

Other helpful shortcuts:
Q – Zoom on the top left corner of the selection.
W – Zoom on the bottom right corner of the selection.
cmd + 1 – Zoom to fit.
cmd + 0 – Zoom to 100%.
+ / – Zoom in / out.

Measure distance between objects

Move your mouse in between two objects on a screenshot and press an arrow key – left or right for horizontal distance, up or down for vertical.

Draw rectangle on the screenshot

Select an area on the screenshot and press R – the orange rectangle will appear in place of the selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take a screenshot of an empty screen?

Shotr will ask you to grant permission for screen recording when you take the first screenshot. If it didn't, go to Preferences → Security & Privacy → Screen Recording, and check the checkbox next to the Shotr app.

Is there a version for Windows?

At this moment Shotr is only available for Mac.

How to submit a feature request?

Please address any feedback, positive or negative, to this email.

Release Notes

December 23, 2020
Fixed three bugs: 1. Image won't save for the users who never copied it to the clipboard before; 2. Measurement Imprinting sometimes crashed the app in v.1.3.0; 3. On some computers the fullscreen screenshot was scrambled (cheers to Nam Kenneth for help!).
December 19, 2020
Significantly improved performance of the fullscreen screenshot. Added Cmd+Shift+2 shortcut to grab a part of the screen. Added new version notification. Improved Measurer — press Shift to get an outer size of the element, click while measuring to imprint measurement on to the screenshot.
December 6, 2020
Shotr is now signed and notarized by Apple. Added quick measure tool (arrow keys).
November 25, 2020
Bug fixes (autosave crop issue, toolbar visual glitch); Show icon in the dock when shotr is active.
September 4, 2020
The private beta release